Virtual Office: A Guide for Remote Businesses

As more businesses move towards the need for remote work, the concept of a Virtual Office has become increasingly popular. In short, a virtual office is simply a place to do business from outside of a traditional office setting, allowing…

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Sole proprietorship: The Pros and Cons of Going Solo

Going it alone and launching a business as a sole proprietor is a big undertaking that requires plenty of strategic planning. As a sole proprietorship, you take on all the risks of running a business, but also reap all the…

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Building a Strong Brand for Your Business

For business owners, one of the most important components of success is having a strong, recognizable brand. A strong brand is composed of a range of factors, including a memorable name, memorable logos and visuals, and a clear mission statement…

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Driving Business Development through Strategic Planning

Strong brand development is a key factor to remain competitive in today’s business environment and having an effective strategic plan to support it, is essential. Strategic planning helps organizations set and achieve goals, anticipate and manage potential risks, understand the…

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Acquiring Customers: The Key to Success

For many entrepreneurs, acquiring customers is the key to success. For small businesses, it can make or break your company, as the customer base is typically the focus of a company’s long-term sustainability. Not just any customers will do. Your…

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